Our Team

Apostle Diane C. Crawford, the founder, is an ordained apostle under the covering of Bishop Sandra Hayden of the Apostolic Alliance Kingdom Connection of Baltimore, Maryland. A woman dedicated to fulfilling God's call on her life, she is an Intercessor and an Anointed Teacher of the Gospel. She has always had a vision to help women that were in need of spiritual deliverance and help them live productive lives. Apostle Diane C. Crawford speaks at local churches, conferences, seminars, and workshops. She established the National Phlebotomy Association, Inc., in 1978; Diane's House Ministries, Inc., in 1990; and Family Life Worship Center International, Inc., in 1998.  


Michele Black is the Executive Director of Diane's House Ministries. She is responsible for generally dealing with tenants and coordinating with the owner.